COP Washer

COP Parts Washing System for the Biotech, Sanitary, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical market.  This system is a validatable equipment parts clleaning system.
New England Sales offers many technologies for parts washing and automatic cleaning system.   We are based in Massachusetts and provide sales and service to the NY and New England market including this sanitary clean out of place washing system.  The "PECS" is a validatable, multi stage, cleaning system designed to ensure repeatable cleaning cycles for medical and biopharm parts.  Stainless steel parts such as 316Lss (other metals such as titanium and AL6XN are easily accomodated) are cleaned and dried in less than one hour.  The system is completely cGMP and is designed for ease of operation and can be customized to overcome all the limitations of existing pharmaceutical washers currently available on the market. 


Please contact us at for quick answers to your questions.  We provide responsive quotes, and offer free parts testing if desired.

COP Washer PDF brochure

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