Particle Size Reduction

We often hear from customers:

Its confusing to find the right mixer for my high shear dispersion requirements!

We are tired of expensive media mills, is there a better way?

There a many vendors offering particle size reduction and dispersion equipment.  The difficult part is considering all the technologies and figuring out which is the most effective and economical.  We offer a number of lab and production particle size reduction mixers and mills and try to analyze the process and suggest the best fit.

We also supply laboratory mixing equipment for small scale high shear mixing.   One of the areas we focus on is catering to the needs of universities, biopharma laboratories, hospitals, and chemical manufacturers R+D for pilot size mixing and dispersion equipment.

There are a number of mixing and dispersion technologies that can be used to achieve particle size reduction in a slurry, a liquid such as an emulsion, a dispersion, or if you want to mill solids and powders.   Some of the more common particle size reduction equipment used:

High shear mixers
Mill (inline mill, media mill)
Solids grinder
Powder grinder and micronizer
High Speed Disperser
Multishaft Mixer with high shear disperser
Rotor Stator Mixer
Colloid Mill
Ultrasonic homogenizers
Lab reactor with anchor paddle and high shear mixer
Wet milling

We often do a before and after analysis of any mixing tests we do, so you know the exact particle size distribution the mixer/mill can achieve.

Particle size analyzer
Laser Light Diffraction Instrument
Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument

A good source for particle size analysis contract testing or equipment would be

If you need any assistance on lab or production particle size analysis please contact us at

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