State-of-the-art manufacturer of vibratory deburring, washing, cleaning and metal finishing products.

Almco Round Bowl-SBB Series Spiral Bottom - with optional automatic parts separator/discharge
Almco Compact VM VibeMaster Series - with manual/automatic parts discharge
Almco OR Series - with rotating divider to provide multiple compartments fabricated for individual handling of parts, thus preventing impingement and eliminating fixturing
Almco VB & V Series Batch Tubs
Almco Spindle & Sutton Series Finishing/Deburring Machines - Spindle finishing is suited to the deburring of gears as well as to a wide range of complex parts including bearing cages, splined shafts, pump rotors, & jet compressor discs & blades.
Almco Media & Compounds
Almco ST Series Re-circulatory Sediment Tank -Almco's Model ST-4 Re-circulatory Sediment Tank is an economical and effective way to filter liquid finishing solutions thus extending the liquid life.
Almco In-line Continuous Thru-feed deburring/finishing
Almco Rotary Drum Auger Washer - perfect for continuous cleaning & drying of high volume, small parts when part-on-part contact is acceptable.
Almco U-Bend & Inline Conveyor Parts Washers
Almco Cabinet Turntable Spray Parts Washers