PROCECO is a leading manufacturer of aqueous metal parts cleaning and surface treatment equipment used throughout the industrial manufacturing and remanufacturing industries worldwide.

Our focus is the integration of green aqueous process technologies encircling:

  • Parts cleaning
  • Surface treatment
  • Waste minimization

By adding an Éco-Smart® MVR to your cleaning process, you can recycle up to 98% of your industrial process water and significantly reduce your wastewater hauling and disposal costs, while also improving your process quality. By routing the cleaning solution to the Éco-Smart®, you create a closed loop – extracting dissolved contaminants and replenishing your solution with clean, recycled water.


PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC parts washer models are designed for aqueous cleaning and degreasing of small- to medium-size workpieces. Larger parts are placed directly on the cabinet-mounted, non-retractable turntable, while small parts are batch-loaded into baskets to be processed. This front-loading industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease your parts in minutes.