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Ross Mixing Equipment

Over 170+ Years of Innovation-Industrial Mixing, Blending, Drying and Dispersion Equipment Technology

Ross Products include High Speed Dispersers, High Shear Mixers, Planetary & Multi-Shaft Mixers,
Ribbon Blending-Mixing Systems, Solids/Liquid Mixers, Dispersers & Emulsifiers.

Our mixers and blenders are used throughout the process industries and include food – adhesive & sealant – green technologies – battery – ceramic & metal – chemical – coating – cosmetic & personal care products – pharmaceutical – plastic manufacturing companies.

Double Planetary & Multi-shaft Mixers & Mixing Systems

• Ideal for pastes, putty like materials & viscous products
• Vacuum/Pressure, Sanitary & Heavy-duty Industrial Designs

 High Shear Mixers & Emulsifiers-In-line & Top-entering High Shear Mixers

• Ultra fine dispersions & emulsions with tighter particle size reduction
• 6X Faster than conventional mixers

High Speed Dispersers

• Workhorses used throughout the chemicals, plastics, coatings, inks, paints, adhesives and other industries.
• Incorporates powders into liquid to break down particle agglomerates to produce a fine dispersion
• Viscosities from water-like to up to 50,000 cp

Solids/Liquid Injection-High Speed Powder Induction Systems

For high speed powder dispersing
• Cut’s processing times by up to 80%!
• Eliminates agglomerates, “fish eyes”, clogging , foaming & excessive dusting

Ribbon-Paddle Blenders

• Our blenders and vacuum dryers are widely used in the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, plastics and composites.

Vertical Blenders/Dryers-Vacuum Dyers

• Vertical blender/dryers deliver high drying rates with negligible risk of product attrition.
• Ideal for shear sensitive materials while miniming space

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