Products - Parts/Washing/Metal Finishing

New England Sales is a supplier of parts washers, degreasers, industrial vibratory finishing and deburring equipment, metal finishing systems (passivation, FPI, automated cleaning systems) to manufacturers in the northeast.

State-of-the-art manufacturer of vibratory deburring, washing, cleaning and metal finishing products.

Ramco specializes in industrial immersion parts washers and parts washing systems using modern water based detergents and preferred alternative solvents to replace hazardous chemicals and toxic solvents. Ramco also offers Citric Acid & Nitric Acid Passivation systems, FPI-Fluorescent Penetrant Systems, Paint Stripping Systems and other related processes.

Pero’s unique vacuum parts washer/vapor degreaser, cleaning and vacuum drying system-for safe and effective cleaning & degreasing with very short cycle times

PROCECO is a leading manufacturer of aqueous metal parts cleaning and surface treatment equipment used throughout the industrial manufacturing and remanufacturing industries worldwide.

Our focus is the integration of green aqueous process technologies encircling:

  • Parts cleaning
  • Surface treatment
  • Waste minimization