; Almco - New England Sales


  • Deburring & Finishing Equipment -Mass Finishing, Deburring, Polishing, Surface Finishing/Pre-plating-for Aerospace, Medical, Bearings, Jewelry, Precision CNC & Screw Machine Components, Industrial Manufacturing
  • Vibratory Bowls & Tubs, Centrifugal Barrel Finishing, Centrifugal Disc Finishing, Spindle & Sutton Series Finishing, Barrel Finishing, Tumbling Media & Supplies/Compounds, Material Handling & Filtration
  • Parts Testing/Process Development Lab – Eliminate Hand Deburring, Shorten & Improve Cycle Times, Eliminate Burrs, Improve Surface Finish, Automatic Loading & Unloading, Parts Washing/Degreasing/Cleaning parts testing
  • Parts Washing/Degreasing – Cleaning & Drying- Spray Washers, Cabinet Turntable Spray Washers & Conveyor Belt Washers, Rotating Drum Washers, Immersion Washers

Vibratory Round Bowl Finishing/Deburring Machines – Manual & automatic loading & unloading

Vibratory Tub-Batch & Continuous thru-feed-rugged finishing/deburring machines, well suited for both small & large parts

Centrifugal Barrel & Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines-high energy finishing-short cycle times, fast finishing, deburring & polishing-ideal for smaller parts

Spindle Finishing & Sutton Finishing Machines-high energy machines, fast/short cycle times (<=1-2min. cycle times)-difficult burrs & complex geometries-turbine blades, disks & impellers, small & large parts

Tumbling Media, Compounds & Supplies-Process Development Lab/Parts Testing-Ceramic, Plastic, Synthetic Tumbling Media-Compouds, Cleaning Solutions


Filtration-Sediment Re-circulatory Systems, Centrifuge, Oil Coalescer

Matarial Handling-Conveyors, Hoppers, Screeners & Vacuum Systems- to move media and/or parts from one location to another or to transfer media back to a finishing machine after discharge.

Cabinet Turntable Spray Parts Washers-Front Load & Top Load, Compact Designs, Standard & Custom Designed

Conveyor Washers – Conveyor Belt Spray Washers-In-line & U-Bend, Mono-Rail Washers

Rotary Drum Washers – Ideal for continous thru-feed & batch processing of high volume & mass quantaties, Washing-Rinsing-RP-Drying

Immersion Washers – Agitating, Ultrasonic Immerson Washers

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