Kenics Industrial Mixing Equipment

Kenics static mixers and heat exchangers utilize process specific mixing elements in a housing for continuous flow mixing, blending and heat transfer. The elements use the energy from the process stream flow to provide blending, dispersion, and heat transfer with minimal pressure (energy) loss. Kenics static mixer are available in a wide range of sizes and materials of construction.


Kenics Shell and Tube Exchangers

Kenics Shell and tube exchangers utilize Kenics elements to boost heat transfer rates for high viscosity cooling and heating applications over conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. Kenics® Heat Exchangers, offers the highest available coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Capable of reliable operation in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries, Kenics Heat Exchangers require less space, less energy and less residence time than standard designs.


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