Pero Industrial Parts Washing Equipment

Pero’s unique vacuum parts washer/vapor degreaser, cleaning and vacuum drying system-for safe and effective cleaning & degreasing with very short cycle times.


Pero’s Industrial Parts Washing System:

• Combines injection flood washing, rotation, ultrasonics, vapor degreasing & drying to provide fast, safe and effective cleaning with very short cycle times
• The unique vacuum cleaning process provides superior cleaning results over aqueous, traditional vapor degreasing & solvent systems with environmentally safe cleaning solutions
• The cleaning fluid does not degrade like aqueous parts washing systems resulting in consistent cleaning from batch to batch
• Puts no-load on your waste system, no waste water to dispose of, economical & safe to operate

Are you faced with some of these cleaning and drying challenges?

• Oily and greasy parts
• Screw machine parts, which are difficult to clean
• Blind holes, long tubes with oil trapped within
• Cleaning of mixed metal parts
• Rusting, corrosion, spotting
• Disposal of waste cleaning solvents
• A need for bone dry corrosion free parts
• Difficulty meeting cleaning specifications resulting in down time and additional l costs

If so, please contact us to see if a vacuum cleaning & vapor degreasing system may be a good fit for your application.


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PERO finishing and deburring

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