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Industry Leader for over 45 years in parts washing & cleaning technology
6,700+ systems installed worldwide

Parts Washing, Precision Cleaning & Degreasing Solutions for Aviation & Aerospace, Medical Components, Automotive, Mass Transit-Rail & Transit and the General Manufacturing Industries

Products include: Turntable & Conveyor Spray Washer, Spray-Immersion, Immersion Ultrasonic Cleaning, Power Flushing, High-pressure Deburring, Slurry blasting, Wastewater treatment, High impact blow-off and convection drying.


Turntable Washers-Cabinet Spray Parts Washers

  • Cabinet spray washers feature a turntable which rotates workpieces through a pattern of strategically placed spray nozzles – fully enclosed in a washing cabinet.
  • PROCECO offers a full line of low maintenance turntable wash systems for a variety of cleaning tasks in manufacturing, maintenance, and remanufacturing applications.

Proceco Typhoon HD Heavy Duty & Typhoon PCE Compact Ergonomic Parts Washers

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Spray Immersion Washers-combines spray washing with immersion, rotation & ultrasonic cleaning

  • Designed for precision cleaning and engineered to meet the tightest cleanliness requirement on the market.
  • Combines spray washing and immersion action with ultrasonics if required allowing the solution to reach all surfaces.

Proceco Typhoon SI Rotating Spray Immersion Washers

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Conveyor Washers-conveyor belt spray washers + conveyor monorail washers

  • Ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process.
  • Delivering wide-ranging flexibility to spray clean parts, our modular design approach provides a cost-effective way to configure a belt conveyor washer to your specific process requirements, from single stage to complex multi-stage cleaning and drying processes.

Proceco Typhoon Conveyor Belt & Monorail Washers

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Rotating Continuous Drum Washers

  • Ideal for small parts cleaning at a high production rate
  • Combines spray and immersion cleaning technologies
  • Tumbling action ensures that all workpiece surfaces are exposed to spray
  • Completely automatic – Minimum effort required from the operator
  • Modular design allows the adding of multiple stages


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Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Immersion Systems (FPI)

  • Combines surface cleaning, preparation, and treatment in one automated process.
  • PROCECO FPI installations include aerospace, military, and automotive customers for parts ranging from turbine blades to complete fan assemblies, and production rates beyond 100 pieces per hour-both water washable and post emulsifiable penetrants.
  • PROCECO offers a broad range of systems to streamline liquid penetrant / fluorescent penetrant inspection processes. Our unique approach delivers innovative process methods such as electrostatic spray, robotic penetrant application, and rinse water recycling to provide enhanced value to our customers.
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Automated Multi-stage Tank Lines + Metal Surface Treatment & Metal Finishing Lines

  • Our multi-stage systems can accommodate a range of processes in the aviation, automotive, and general manufacturing industries, including parts degreasing, anodizing, chemical pickling, and manganese phosphate conversion coating (Lubrite®). PROCECO provides complete solutions from initial concept.
  • PROCECO surface treatment systems cover a wide range of processes: Acid Etch, Anodizing, Blue Etch Anodizing, Degreasing, Phosphating, Zinc Nickel Alloy, Hard Chrome, and Chromate Conversion Coatings.
  • Typical systems feature computer-controlled transfer hoists, immersion, power spray, mechanical agitation, ultrasonics, and a variety of part positioning solutions, from workpiece rotation – to rotary drums.
  • Closed-loop rinse water recycling systems with the latest drag out reduction techniques to significantly reduce water usage.

Proceco Automated Multi-stage Process Lines

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Eco-Smart® A Zero-Discharge, Closed-loop Wastewater Reclamation System

  • Eco-Smart® Mechanical Vapor-Recompression (MVR) Evaporators
  • Treat your process wastewater and recycle up to 98% of water.
  • Significantly reduce your wastewater transportation and disposal costs, while also improving your process quality.
  • Economical & Environmentally Friendly-No external heat source. No chemical process.
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Tote, Dunnage, Pallet & Tray Washers

  • Efficient and completely automated process for cleaning totes, pallets and plastic trays
  • Automatically cleans and dries a variety of types and sizes of reusable plastic dunnage, trays and pallets in a continuous process.
    A hot aqueous cleaning solution is sprayed on all dunnage surfaces to remove machining oil, coolants, metal chips, transport dust, and dirt. The solution is recirculated to conserve water, detergent, and heat.
  • Clean dunnage exits the washer after having passed through the high-impact, air blow-off drying stage.
    An optional automatic return conveyor can be added to return the dunnage to the loading side, enabling a single operator to load and unload the system. Other options are available for tailoring the washer to meet your cleaning requirements.

TYPHOON® MB-D DUNNAGE WASHERS-for cleaning totes, pallets & plastic trays

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  • PROCECO’s patented dust-free wet slurry blasting technology combines cleaning to remove grease, a wet blast to remove rust and paints, rinsing, and finally, the application of a rust inhibitor all in the same machine.
  • A multitude of pre-engineered features allows PROCECO to tailor the wet slurry blasters to your needs

Wet Slurry Blasters

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Rotary Parts Washers

PROCECO TYPHOON®-RW is an indexing parts washer designed for final or in-process cleaning and drying of new manufactured components.
The RW is a compact spray cleaning system that can accommodate high production requirements using a single load/unload point, making it ideal for cellular applications.
The system can be customized to meet your requirements by adding optional features and additional processes such as a recirculated rinse and high-pressure water-jet deburring.

  • For continuous cleaning of manufactured components
  • Single-point leading/unloading ideal for lean manufacturing cells
  • Compact / Ergonomic design with all services at the rear
  • Precision-aimed nozzles and blow-off for maximum cleanliness and dryness
  • Ideal for automatic loading


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