The Benefits of Vapor Degreasing

The Benefits of Vapor Degreasing

When it comes to parts cleaning, vapor degreasing is a fast, efficient and affordable method. It works well for a wide range of parts in many different industries, removing grease, oil and other contaminants. Modern vapor degreasers are user-friendly and eco-friendly, all without skimping on cleanliness. Let’s explore how this unique machine accomplishes all that.

What Is Vapor Degreasing?

Traditional vapor degreasing is a cleaning process in which the condensation from solvent vapor removes contaminants from a part. First, a boil sump heats the solvent and turns it into vapor, which rises up toward the parts being cleaned. These parts are held in a basket that sits above the boiling solvent but just below a line of cooling coils. The refrigerant from these coils keeps the vapor trapped in the machine. It condenses onto the surface of the parts and gets to work dissolving any contaminants.

When the vapor starts to drip off the part, it takes the contaminants with it. They fall down into another section called a rinse sump, which overflows into the boil sump. From here, the process starts over. Any soil that ran into the solvent stays in the boil sump, preventing any contamination from redepositing on the next batch of parts. Vapor degreasers use a closed-loop system, so the solvent can be used again and again without sacrificing cleanliness.

High-frequency, ultrasonic agitation may also be used with vapor degreasing for additional cleaning, but overall, the process is very effective. It doesn’t use any water, and it eliminates extensive labor requirements and operator error.

Vapor degreasing works on many different materials, including metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. You’ll find it used in many industries, including automotive, manufacturing and aerospace mass finishing applications.

8 Vapor Degreasing Advantages

From meeting your energy consumption goals to improving consistency from part to part, this method can help you meet a wide range of goals, thanks to the following vapor degreasing advantages.

1. Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Vapor degreasing works well to remove heavy contaminants like oil, grease and even wax. It’s a particularly effective cleaning method that virtually eliminates the chances of cross-contamination, a common problem for other cleaning methods. Since contaminants don’t rise with the solvent in its vapor form, they don’t reach the next batch of parts.

2. Suitability for Small or Complex Parts

Solvent vapor reaches into even the smallest or oddly-shaped parts for a full-coverage clean. Then, the fast evaporation phase keeps solvents from collecting in tight spots where a slow-drying solvent could get trapped. Plus, there’s no opportunity for operator error, such as manual cleaning that can’t reach into small spaces. The result is a consistently clean part every time, even for complex, high-precision components.

Vapor degreasing is also versatile because it doesn’t use any high-pressure sprays or extremely high temperatures that could damage some materials. It’s appropriate for cleaning cycles with a diverse selection of parts.

3. Short Cleaning Cycles

Vapor degreasing is a relatively quick process, with short cleaning cycles to help move production along at a faster pace. These systems often outperform water-based cleaning equipment. Vapor degreasers also accommodate large part quantities, so you can complete sizable batches at once.

4. Spot-Free Results

Water spots can be a troublesome side effect of other cleaning methods. Since vapor degreasing doesn’t need any water, you don’t need to worry about water spots. For sensitive or critical applications, this characteristic is especially important.

5. Eco-Friendly Processes

A vapor degreaser doesn’t use water, so you can greatly reduce your use. It also eliminates the need for wastewater treatment after cleaning, allowing you to reduce the complexity and costs associated with handling contaminated water streams.

Vapor degreasing equipment is also light on electricity consumption. Plus, next-generation solvents are now available that can better help the environment through non-hazardous components. Some systems are even approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), offering a trusted seal of planet-friendly cleaning.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Although the upfront cost of solvents for vapor degreasing systems can be more of an investment than solvents for other systems, you’ll find more cost savings down the road. These solvents can be reused over and over again for a long-lasting return on investment that’s also less wasteful — so you won’t need to pay to acquire and transport new solvents. Vapor degreasers also eliminate the costs associated with using water, including heating and treatment. Since the solvents dry quickly, you also won’t need to spend money on additional drying steps.

Overall, vapor degreasers offer a great return on investment and can be used by small and large organizations alike.

7. Worker Safety

By containing solvents in the tank of the degreaser, workers have fewer solvent emissions to worry about. These emissions can add to the demand for personal protective equipment and increase risk for workers. Vapor degreasers help do away with this concern. Solvents also tend to be non-flammable.

8. Ease of Use

Vapor degreasing is a heavily automated process, so technicians don’t need extensive training to learn how to clean parts. These machines can reduce the chances of operator error and free up personnel for more pressing jobs. With the right equipment, you can also enjoy a low-maintenance system.

The Next Generation of Vapor Degreasing

While traditional vapor degreasing is an excellent choice for removing non-water-soluble contaminants, the next generation of equipment solutions can help you optimize results. Our modern solutions combine the benefits of an environmentally friendly vacuum processing with injection flood washing, rotation, ultrasonics, vapor degreasing and vacuum drying to tick all of your boxes. Some of the benefits you’ll get with a next-gen system include:

  • Very short cycle times
  • Results that beat traditional aqueous, vapor degreasing or solvent systems alone
  • Consistent cleaning from batch to batch
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Virtually no emissions –All processes take place under a vacuum
  • Extremely low solvent consumption

One of the most important elements of newer vapor degreasing equipment is their environmentally friendly closed-loop design. Unlike their traditional counterparts, all processes take place under vacuum and are available with solvents that don’t contain hazardous air pollutants. Many of them meet EPA regulations, as well as regulations from the European government.

With degreasing equipment from Pero, the team at New England Sales can help you build a modern cleaning system with a unique vacuum-drying phase and all of the benefits of vapor degreasing equipment

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