Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Wastewater Treatment

A Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) process water recycle system gives you the capability to treat wastewater and recover it for reuse. These systems are an excellent way to reduce your water footprint while meeting strict regulations for wastewater management.

At New England Sales, we offer an extensive selection of closed-loop ZLD process water recycle systems for sale, with options from the industry’s leading brands. You can count on our team to work with you and determine which machine represents your best buy.

Eco-Smart® A Zero-Discharge, Closed-loop Wastewater Reclamation System 2

What Is Zero Liquid Discharge?

Zero Liquid Discharge is a wastewater treatment method that treats process discharge waters, then recycles them back into your facility. This process captures fluid waste, helping to minimize your disposal costs and reduce your environmental impact.

Closed-loop Zero Liquid Discharge process water recycle systems are an innovative technology utilizing state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to water recovery, you can use them to manage variations in contamination and flow, treat and retrieve byproducts, and collect solids into a dry, solid cake for simple disposal.

How Do Closed-Loop ZLD Process Water Recycle Systems Work?

Facilities in the Northeast can get closed-loop ZLD and Proceco EcoSmart MVR recycle systems for parts washers, deburring machines, metal finishing equipment and more in different sizes and with varying capabilities. The designs and technologies used to produce them will vary by manufacturer and facility.

ZLD Closed-Loop DI Rinse Water Recyclers

ZLD closed-loop rinse water recyclers do not require pre-treatment and are designed with simplified operation and maintenance in mind. We offer facilities in the Northeast ZLD recycle systems for deburring machines, parts washers, metal finishing equipment and more. These machines allow facilities to save space, time and money compared to traditional zero-liquid discharge systems.

Proceco EcoSmart MVR

The energy-efficient Proceco EcoSmart MVR follows the traditional rinse water process and is ideal for dealing with oily or dirty part washer waters. The Proceco Ecosmart MVR uses the following steps:


The first stage of the Zero Liquid Discharge process is pretreatment and conditioning. In this step, the wastewater is filtered to remove suspended solids. The water is also conditioned during this phase to help streamline the following steps.

Waste Concentration

The next stage is concentration. This step usually completes using reverse osmosis, electrodialysis or brine concentration, depending on the machine. The technology takes the stream and concentrates it to higher salinity while removing most of the water.


The final step is to collect removed contaminants for disposal. Here, the remaining water is separated and pulled away for reuse using thermal processes. The leftover solids will remain in a crystallized form where they’re easily filtered out.

Eco-Smart® A Zero-Discharge, Closed-loop Wastewater Reclamation System

  • Eco-Smart® Mechanical Vapor-Recompression (MVR) Evaporators
  • Treat your process wastewater and recycle up to 98% of water.
  • Significantly reduce your wastewater transportation and disposal costs, while also improving your process quality.
  • Economical & Environmentally Friendly-No external heat source. No chemical process
Eco-Smart® A Zero-Discharge, Closed-loop Wastewater Reclamation System

How to Select the Right ZLD System

Selecting a closed-loop ZLD process water recycle system is a complex decision. This is true whether you’re looking to overcome regulatory challenges, practice better environmental stewardship or lower costs.

The most important things to consider when selecting a ZLD system for any business include:

  • The facility and existing equipment
  • The wastewater you’re producing
  • The results of a treatability study

Talk to our team for assistance making your choice. We’re familiar with industrial demands for businesses in the Northeast and can make system selection easy with expert guidance and a skilled recommendation.

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