Mass Finishing and Deburring Equipment

The right equipment will help you streamline production processes, achieve better product quality and become more efficient, and New England Sales is your source for the machinery you need. We partner with manufacturers for many of the industry’s top brands, with a wide selection of superior deburring and mass finishing machines in Boston, MA and the New England regional area.

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  • Vibratory Finishing & Deburring
  • Metal Finishing Products
  • Parts Washing & Degreasing
  • Precision Cleaning

Machinery for Metal Finishing Applications

Vibratory deburring and mass finishing are manufacturing processes that improve product finish and quality. Each technique offers significant advantages. The correct method and the right type and model machine you should use to complete your chosen technique will depend on the products you produce and the steps you need to complete.

An Extensive Selection of Mass Finishing and Deburring Equipment in New England

At New England Sales, we maintain extensive manufacturer partnerships, making us one of the largest suppliers of different types of vibratory finishing and CNC deburring machines in NH, ME, VT, NY and across the region. Our selection of products includes dependable machines from the most recognized providers.


Deburring Equipment

Deburring machinery removes the bumps, edges, burrs and seams leftover from production. Depending on the machine, this can be completed using vibrating, grinding, polishing or electrochemical processes. Deburred products have a higher aesthetic appeal and are better suited for smooth functionality. We provide mass and vibratory deburring equipment to the aerospace industry, including precision CNC machined components.

Mass Finishing Equipment

Mass finishing is a bulk process that accomplishes multiple edge and surface effects. These can include deburring, edge breaking, descaling, coating preparation and many additional surface finishes and refinements. These machines expedite the process, eliminating time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks.

Why Choose New England Sales?

At New England Sales, we have over 30 years of experience partnering with firms large and small across a wide span of different industries. When you work with us, you gain the advantage of our history, plus a selection of additional benefits, such as:

  • Personal service: We know how important it is to invest in the best machine. We’ll help make sure you get the best fit for your facility with a local on-site visit to your plant. Our experts will review your facility layout, processes and the products you produce to deliver a skilled recommendation.
  • An impressive selection: As deburring machine manufacturer representatives, we have a diverse selection of deburring and mass finishing equipment for sale. The recommendations we give always focus on what makes the most sense for your business. On the rare occasion where we think our firm might not be your best fit, we will let you know.
  • Expert ongoing support: Our service begins with a personal consultation and continues throughout your investment’s life span. We maintain a large inventory of consumable supplies at competitive prices and provide expert maintenance and repair services to help keep your mass finishing and deburring equipment in top condition.

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In addition to these machines, New England Sales is also a leading source for a wide selection of degreasers, FPI systems, CNC precision machine parts washing equipment and much more in the Northeast. Talk to our experts today to learn more about the different products and services we offer and schedule your personal consultation.

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