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Having the right parts washer equipment in your facility will help you save time, reduce manual processes, gain better results and create a safer work environment. At New England Sales, we’ll match you with the solutions you need to take advantage of these benefits and many others.

We are an established manufacturer representative for the industry’s leading brands of parts washers. Choose New England Sales as your source for industrial machine parts washers in New England. We offer an impressive selection of ultrasonic parts cleaners and automated part washers from leading brands like Almco, Proceco and more. Our team will guide you through product selection and installation to ensure you get the most out of your investment with ongoing expert care.




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Heavy Duty Equipment for Precision Cleaning Applications

Industrial parts washers and vapor degreasing equipment are essential for keeping tools, parts and equipment clean. You can use them for several industrial applications to help things run smoothly, promote stellar quality and ensure products coming off the manufacturing line are ready for the next production stage.Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about the parts washing equipment we have available.

Parts Washers

Parts washers are the ideal solution for removing contaminants and debris. Common applications include cleaning dirt, carbon, grime, grease, oil, metals, organic materials and other pollutants from machined parts & bulk loads.


Businesses use degreasing equipment to dissolve oil, wax, grease and other non-water-soluble contaminants from industrial parts. This process is environmentally friendly and Environmental Protection Agency- (EPA-) approved with the correct solvents.

Browse a Wide Selection of Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems for Sale

We are one of the leading industrial automated parts washers suppliers in New England. Our company has partnered with the most trusted brands in the business to bring you options from top names like Almco, Ramco, Pero and Proceco.

Systems and models vary by manufacturer:

  • AlmcoOur Almco solutions include spray washers, rotating drum washers, cabinet turntable spray washers, conveyor belt washers and immersion washers.
  • RamcoRamco offers a selection of semi- and fully automated parts washers, precision-agitating and ultrasonic cleaning equipment and degreasing machines.
  • PeroThe all-in-one system from Pero combines several capabilities, so you can use one device to clean, degrease and dry components fast.
  • ProcecoProceco designs and builds impressive systems to meet your facility’s cleaning and degreasing needs.

Why Partner With Us for Heavy-Duty Industrial Parts Washers in New England?

At New England Sales, we have over 30 years of experience providing industrial parts integrated cleaning systems in the New York area and throughout New England. Our parts washers for sale can deliver a turnkey solution that matches your specifications and fits your budget.

When you work with us, our expert team will travel to your location to get a hands-on look at your processes and facility. We’ll work out all the details and help you select the best products based on your specific applications and unique space.

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If you’re searching for industrial immersion parts washers cleaning system suppliers in the Boston, Massachusetts, area, vapor degreaser equipment in New Hampshire or precision cleaning solutions anywhere in New England, talk to our team. We make it easy to get industrial equipment precision cleaning systems throughout the Northeast.

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