Vibratory Round Bowl for Mass Finishing & Deburring

What is a Vibratory Round Bowl?

Vibratory round bowls are specialized parts equipment types that finish, clean, polish and remove burrs from metal components en masse. This process, known as deburring, produces stronger, more corrosion-resistant and safer parts for end-use. These machines come in manual and automatic load models to provide a solution centering on your existing business processes. Vibratory round bowls produce smooth and even finishes for large and small parts that hand deburring cannot achieve.

Almco finishing and deburring equipment

Almco Round Bowl Finishing Equipment

How Does a Vibratory Round Bowl Work?

A vibratory round bowl incorporates material known as tumbling media to accompany the parts in the chamber. Tumbling media may be synthetic, ceramic or plastic. Media size is proportionate to the component’s dimensions and ranges from small, sand-like grit to larger, pebble-sized pieces. Choosing the right media for the job is essential. Small tumbling media can enter tubular or circular parts, effectively eliminating burrs both inside and out.


Underneath the bowl, you’ll find a motor with one or more weights attached that spins during operation. In vibratory round bowl deburring, these weights rotate and shift. The machine repeatedly lifts and drops the media and parts together at various angles based on the speed and amplitude. Throughout the process, the action inside applies pressure to remove burrs and “file” down rough edges.

Water or cleaning solution often joins the parts and media mix in controlled amounts. Too much liquid can delay the process, so many models feature a drain to allow continuous liquid flow and enhance parts cleaning.

Applications for Vibratory Round Bowls

Many industries use vibratory round bowl deburring equipment for various applications, including:

  • Precision parts manufacturing: Vibratory bowls are ideal for screws, bearings and CNC-machined components because small pieces are challenging to deburr by hand, and the bowl offers mass finishing capability.
  • Jewelry fabrication: Vibratory finishing is a gentler method that protects fragile parts from excessive damage while providing high polish levels.
  • Medical components and implements: These machines offer superior results for finishing that adhere to rigid industry standards for safety.
  • Aerospace: Adjustable machine speeds and oscillations are perfect for pre-plating and finishing aerospace components

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