Immersion Washers for Industrial Parts Washing

What Is an Immersion Washer?

Immersion washers are industrial parts cleaning machines that remove manufacturing dirt and debris by submerging parts in a cleaning solution. This process — also known as dip tank parts washing — exposes the entirety of the component to the detergent mixture and is especially effective for degreasing. Immersion washers are more energy-efficient than their parts-washing cousins, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications. Many prefer this method for large parts as well as smaller components containing odd-shaped grooves, holes and blind spots.

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How Does an Immersion Washer Work?

While the exact specifications differ among immersion washer equipment types, the machinery typically includes a large washing tank —or series of tanks — that churns the cleaning solution. Parts then take a dip, usually in a basket, and follow one or more of the steps below:

  • Soak: The least vigorous and most cost-friendly method of parts washing, soaking is suitable for easy-to-clean parts and those that will continue to another washing step. Pre-wash soaks are common, and the length of the soaking period varies.
  • Agitation: Most commercially available immersion washers today rely on lift platform agitation and/or turbo agitation. In the former method, a platform raises the components through the water in an up-and-down motion to scrub and clean the parts. Turbo agitation uses a pump to circulate the cleaning solution around the parts continuously. Combining both methods produces superior results, and agitation makes reaching all the nooks and crannies easier.
  • Submerged nozzles: Some models offer optional underwater jets to improve cleaning solution circulation, similar to a hot tub.
  • Ultrasonic capability: This feature is available on different machines for industries requiring the extra cleanliness ultrasonic waves supply.
  • Heat: High water temperatures are advantageous with environmentally friendly water-based cleaners that work better with heat.


Applications for Immersion Washers

Typical immersion washer equipment applications include:

  • Aviation and aerospace manufacturing: The high-quality degreasing results ensure clean and coating-prepared parts that meet strict regulations.
  • Medical implement fabrication: Superior residue removal and available ultrasonic options offer top-notch component cleanliness.
  • General manufacturing: Immersion washers assure total cleanliness even for cylinders, tubes and other odd-shaped parts.

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