Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) & Passivation Equipment

Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and passivation systems provide capabilities you can use to test parts for damage and wear quickly, efficiently and accurately. At New England Sales, we carry a broad selection of the latest pretreatment equipment from leading names. Our selection includes both nitric-acid and citric-acid passivation systems, plus various partially and fully automated pre-cleaning FPI systems. You can use these machines to shave time, labor and costs from your current testing and inspection processes.



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What FPI and Passivation Equipment Do

As popular and proven testing methods, FPI and passivation are ideal for improving manufacturing processes such as quality control and preventing equipment failures.

The Purpose of FPI Systems

Your team can use FPI to look for forging or casting defects on newly manufactured products. The passivation process is also ideal for identifying fatigue cracks and other signs of wear on in-service components that are invisible to the naked eye. FPI is effective for testing nonporous surfaces. These systems can handle metallic or nonmetallic, conductive or nonconductive, and magnetic or nonmagnetic materials.

The FPI Process:

  • Application: The system coats the test item with non-damaging fluorescent liquid.
  • Penetration: The fluid penetrates any surface-breaking discontinuities.
  • Removal: The equipment removes any excess penetrant fluid from the test item.
  • Inspection: The system performs a careful inspection using ultraviolet light.

The Purpose of Passivation Systems

Passivation systems for surface contamination removal use a chemical acid solution, such as citric or nitric acid, to strip excess iron from stainless steel. This process involves immersing parts and components into an acid bath for as much as two hours, then rapidly drying them. This practice promotes the formation of a thin, hard and protective chromic-oxide layer that provides additional corrosion resistance.

RAMCO passivation equipment

Shop FPI and Surface Treatment Equipment in New England

New England Sales is your home for an extensive selection of FPI and passivating equipment and systems for sale in Massachusetts, Vermont and many other surrounding states. The manufacturers we partner with include some of the most respected leaders in the business, including Ramco and Proceco. You can let us know what you need or rely on our skilled team to determine which option will deliver the best value and greatest benefits for your organization.

Why Choose New England Sales?

When you work with us, you’re working with a trusted provider. We are one of the most established fluorescent penetrant inspection equipment suppliers in New England, with strong partnerships that allow us to offer an extensive selection and deliver solutions that better meet your needs and industry standards.

Our firm has over three decades of experience working with clients of all sizes across multiple industrial sectors, including food and beverage, aerospace and metalworking. We’ll even come to your facility to get an accurate idea of your processes, layout and needs so that we can make the best recommendation.

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At New England Sales, we can help you harness the power of these technologies for your organization. Our team also offers turnkey installations, regular service and repair for FPI and passivated equipment and systems in New York and the rest of our service area.

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