Spray Washers for Industrial Parts Washing

What Is a Spray Washer?

Spray washers are industrial machines that clean with high-volume pressurized nozzles, heat, and detergent. The washer uses different methods to transport components through the equipment, lending automation to the process.

How Does a Spray Washer Work?

The first step carries the parts into a closed washing chamber. Here the parts meet hot water surging from pressurized jets and an application of detergent before a final rinse.

Each machine transports parts differently. Types of spray washers include:

  • Conveyor belt and monorail spray washers: As the name suggests, conveyor spray washers use a method similar to cash registers. An operator places goods on the belt, and the machine guides them through strategically placed jets to remove residue and debris. This type of machine has the advantages of continuous operation and customizable conveyor sizing.
  • Immersion-style spray washers: These washers unite the benefits of immersion underwater spray, agitation, and rotation with ultrasonic waves to produce parts meeting high-quality standards in more stringent industries. The combination of the cleaning methods ensures exposure for the entire piece.
  • Turntable spray washers: Parts navigate these low-maintenance machines on a rotating platform within a compact wash cabinet, perfect for smaller equipment footprints.
  • Rotating drum washers: Ideal for cleaning smaller parts, these washers rely on tumbling, spray, and immersion to clean, much like a laundry washer. Since the machine completely automates the process, it requires a minimal hands-on operation. Tumbling exposes every area of the part to the cleaning process.

Some equipment may also provide optional drying cycle features to further automate the parts cleaning and finishing processes.


Applications for Industrial Parts Spray Washers

Spray washer equipment has various industrial applications, including:

  • General manufacturing: Remove fabrication residue on a variety of machined parts.
  • Automotive and mass transit: Prepare car, truck, rail, and bus parts for equipment overhauls and maintenance.
  • Aviation: Produce first-rate clean parts adhering to stringent industry regulations.
  • Medical implements and implants: Manufacture components with the highest quality standards for medical application.
  • Remanufacturing: Breathe new life into old parts while restoring them to original standards for fabrication and cleanliness.

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