Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Wastewater is something businesses across multiple industries must capture and control to avoid facing fines, regulatory challenges and other concerns. At New England Sales, we make it simple to get the equipment your business needs. We’ll help you meet sustainability goals and stay compliant with equipment from all the leading brands.

Our company is a manufacturer representative with a wide variety of machines to select from, including closed-loop ZLD (zero liquid discharge) process water recycle systems. Our team will match you with the right wastewater treatment solutions for your application based on what’s best for your business, budget and the industry you serve.




  • Manufacture of standard and custom fluid agitation equipment and systems

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  • Complete range of products for the treatment and supply of drinking water, bathing water and process water



  • Clarifiers, Oil Water Separators, Waste Water Treatment



  • Water and wastewater treatment products, systems and services for industrial and municipal customers

The Benefits of Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Many industries are obligated by law to treat wastewater. The safety, health and longevity of the community and environment depend on it. Many federal, state and local entities enforce compliance.

Whether you’re required to or not, identifying a wastewater treatment solution is the responsible thing to do and offers several benefits that your business and the people in your area can enjoy. These include:

  • Pollution reduction: Treating industrial wastewater is an important step in reducing water pollution. Water treatment equipment processes water before it’s released into the public system and natural waterways.
  • Disease control: Many industries produce industrial wastewater with organic material and dangerous pathogenic microbes that can cause illness and disease. Treatment systems remove these hazards.
  • Cost control: Practicing proactive industry compliance by treating your wastewater will help you avoid fines. Our machines will also help you do it as efficiently as possible, allowing you to keep ongoing overhead costs low.

New England’s Leading Wastewater Treatment Equipment Suppliers

As a manufacturer representative, we offer options from multiple brands. You get access to more options than you’d have shopping brand-direct, and our team will help you navigate the selection to find the best option for your business and budget.

We maintain strong partnerships with the industry’s top brands, like Chemineer, Lutz-Jesco, UniPure and Evoqua. The products we offer include industrial wastewater solutions suited for virtually all your metal finishing and deburring equipment, parts washers and process water systems.

Our full catalog of industrial waste treatment equipment for sale in New England includes:

  • Clarifiers
  • Agitators
  • Static mixers
  • Filter presses
  • Industrial mixers
  • Dewatering equipment
  • Closed-loop ZLD recycle systems

Common Applications for Waste Treatment Equipment

The industrial wastewater treatment equipment and solutions we offer at New England Sales have applications across multiple sectors. They’re often used in aircraft, aerospace, metalworking, metal finishing, medical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, personal care and other industries for accomplishing many different tasks.

Some of the applications you can use these systems for include removing:

  • Chemicals: Synthetic chemicals generated through manufacturing, maintenance services and other processes can be harmful to health and the environment.
  • Metals: Metals of any type must be removed from industrial wastewater, or the runoff may be destructive to the environment and hazardous to human health.
  • Phosphates and nitrates: Nitrates and phosphates also require oxygen and can cause extensive harmful plant growth, including weeds, algae and phytoplankton.
  • Biomatter: Biodegradable matter needs oxygen to decay. Without treatment, this Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) can place too much stress on the ecosystem.
  • Total solids: Any total dissolved solids (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS) present in wastewater will be bad for the environment, crops and community health.
  • Pathogens: Bacteria, fungi, viruses and other organisms are often present in wastewater. Ingestion or contact can often lead to severe illness and other health issues.
  • Fats, oils and grease: The fats, oils and grease (FOG) from food processors, soap manufactures and other facilities are regulated and must be removed from discharge.

Selecting the Right Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment

There are many different industrial wastewater solutions available. Deciding which to invest in for your facility is a challenge you can rely on our team to guide you through. We’ll use our skill and expertise to help you select the ideal solution, no matter your business size, facility layout or industry.

The main things to consider when deciding on the best treatment solution are:

  • The type of waste you’re producing
  • How much of it you’re putting out
  • Your unique industry regulations


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