Precision Cleaning Systems for Industrial Parts Washing

What Is a Precision Cleaning System?

Are you wondering what precision cleaning equipment is? Precision cleaning systems are types of machinery that remove the residues of manufacturing processes. Whether you fabricate medical implants or aerospace components, your precision cleaning equipment assures your finished products are safe and meet industry standards.

“Clean” is a relative concept unique to each industry’s guidelines and regulations. Ideally, you’ll choose the types of precision cleaning equipment that work best with your specific applications to remove biological, chemical and physical traces left during the manufacturing process.

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How Does a Precision Cleaning System Work?

Precision cleaning systems use different methods to clean and degrease your parts efficiently, including:

  • Oscillation and agitation.
  • Spray-under immersion (turbulation).
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Optional performance features.

Parts receive an initial inspection before they begin their journey in the washing stage, where hot water joins with an environmentally friendly detergent. The repeated movement of oscillation and agitation helps dislodge debris and clean residue, while the water-based detergent produces less wastewater and reduces treatment costs.


Optional turbulation enhances the process with underwater jets to provide powerful bursts. Combining spray-under immersion with powerful ultrasonic waves offers superior results with fewer cleaning cycles to save money and boost production.

The final stage joins another wash-and-rinse cycle with anti-corrosives to prepare components for quality control testing and certification. If parts aren’t as clean as desired, you can add another cleaning cycle to improve results.

Customizing your machinery with optional features like conveyor belts can semi-automate the process for enhanced operational efficiencies.

Applications for Precision Cleaning Systems

Your customer needs are unique, and your precision cleaning systems must be, too.

Typical precision cleaning equipment applications include:

  • Medical parts and implant manufacturing: Meet stringent quality control standards with thorough ultrasonic precision cleaning equipment to produce sterile and safe medical necessities.
  • Aerospace component fabrication: Ensure a safer flight and regulatory compliance with industrial cleaning and degreasing machinery that delivers high-quality cleanliness.
  • Transportation maintenance and overhaul: Maximize the useful life of trains, trucks and buses by outfitting them with properly cleaned parts.

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